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Creative piano studio for children where the entire focus is on making their experience with music exceptional to help spark a life long love for music making


About My Piano Lessons

What can you expect from me

You will be offered a free trial

Before you decide to sign up for the piano lessons with me, I will offer you a free trial so we can get to know each other. You will get a chance to see what the sessions look like and ask me any questions you might have. 

Children will gain an understanding of music theory

Alongside piano skills, I introduce music theory through games and play on an early stage. This helps children to build confidence and understand the music they play better. Also, if they decide to pick up another instrument in the future, this will give them a head start.

The sessions are for children to enjoy

My aim is to create sessions which children will truly enjoy. I believe that the best way to engage children in learning is to offer them sessions which they will want to come back to.

Children create from the very beginning

Children start taking simple steps in creating their own music from the beginning. .

Learning is always age appropriate

I adjust the lessons to the child's age and current level of development.

About Me

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I am a music teacher and a music therapist. I started my musical education in Poland where I did a classical training in piano and singing. I quickly realised that the beauty of music making lies in sharing it, and I fell in love with working musically with others. As a result of that I continued to perform and teach, and my interest in creating music with others grew and led to my recent completion of masters degree in Music Therapy. My training in music therapy influenced and inspired the way I teach. 

Sheet Music

Contact Me

The sessions take place at my home in Walcot, Bath alternatively I could visit you for a lesson - please get in touch to schedule your free trial.


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