My Approach to Teaching

“It is in playing and only in playing that the individual child or adult is able to be creative and to use the whole personality, and it is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.”
― Donald Woods Winnicott, Playing and Reality

Piano Lesson

This quote from one of the greatest (in my opinion) British psychodynamic thinkers, Donald Winnicott, illustrates well how I approach my teaching and why I believe learning to play an instrument is an amazing thing for living a creative life.

Playing is something we all do, often without realising (that's probably the best playing we do - when we don't realise that we are doing it). It can take many forms - an enjoyable, spontaneous conversation with a friend, where we are able to just be ourselves fully and either laugh our socks off or cry our eyes out. These moments when we are able to feel real connection to the very core of our being, when we feel we are being ourselves truly. Musical playing is one of the most incredible forms of playing to me. It could allow not only connecting with who you are through playing an instrument, but also sharing it with others.

In my teaching I am very much guided by the child. I am a keen observer and follow the child's pace on every step. Especially for the young ones, I believe that learning should be almost effortless, and the material carefully adjusted to their age and abilities, so the child does't feel overwhelmed. Learning will have a strong emphasis on play, and on creating their own music with my guidance. 

I introduce music theory early on, again, through games, as I believe it to be an essential component of their progress. If in the future the child chooses to play a different instrument or pick up an additional one, the sound knowledge of music theory will give them a definite head start. 

I will offer you a free trial, to give you an opportunity to meet me and decide whether I would be a good choice for your child. This will also allow me to get to know the child and prepare a good strategy for their learning.

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